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3rd Generation Shaper, Surfer, Designer.
Ennistymon, Ireland.


Luke Underwood Creations Surfboards


We have been making custom surfboards this year for those trying out their first ‘hard board’ with great success.

Luke Underwood Creations Surfboards


Advance through your surfing with a custom board tailored for you that can really improve your versatility and help you improve.

Luke Underwood Creations Surfboards


Changes in rockers and rails to help advanced surfers in critical sections and keep pushing limits, boards made to push harder and increase performance.

Luke Underwood Creations Surfboards


We make surfboards for some of Ireland’s top talented surfers, pro and amateur level. Ireland has a wealth of surfing talent.

Making Surfboards Is My Passion

Luke is a second generation surfboard maker from Copacabana, Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia. He grew up in a family of surfboard makers which included his father, uncle, brother, cousin, and sometimes my sister. Some of Luke's early memories are of shaping little surfboards out of the foam off cuts left on his Dad’s workshop floor.

Straight out of high school, Luke went into the family business learning the ropes under his Dad’s watchful eye. At 24 he then moved to the Gold Coast, Australia’s mecca for surfboard making. There he plied his trade for 5 years picking up trade secrets about board creation from a whole bunch of the Gold Coast’s best shapers including DHD and Simon Anderson.

Byron Bay was the next port of call, working with Emery Surfboards. It was in Byron Luke met an Irish girl who would turn life upside down, not only agreeing to be Luke's wife and mother to our two beautiful kids, but also the inspiration to move back to his hometown and start a surfboard glassing factory and his own label, Luke Underwood Creations. Luke won contracts for major global surf brands including Chilli Surfboards and Lost Surfboards and glassed their boards at the new factory.

Even though life in Australia was great the call of the Emerald Isle and family was very strong as a family, so in 2015 we packed up our lives in suitcases, jumped on a plane, and headed for the Wild Atlantic Way.

Feel free to get in touch for an order or visit me at the BoardLocker in Ennistymon.

Luke Underwood Creations Surfboards
Luke Underwood Creations Surfboards
Luke Underwood Creations Surfboards
Luke Underwood Creations Surfboards
Luke Underwood Creations Surfboards
Luke Underwood Creations Surfboards

I grew up making surfboards in an age where the quality of your work was the most important thing. Before the days of mass production, a surfboard maker would build a surfboard from start to finish. They would do the everthing, shape, glass, sand, and even the artwork. Coming to Ireland gave me a chance to once again be that all round custom surfboard maker. As soon as I arrived with my Australian boards, I knew things had to change in both my shapes and glassing, to suit the heavier Irish waves.

The glassing side was a big eye opener for me. Since cold water is heavier than warmer water, which I found out at Crab Island snapping a new board on a 3ft wave, lapping over both top layers of glass has become a must for every board to deal with the power of the Atlantic ocean. These are just some of the standards you will find at our surfboard factory in Ennistymon, The Board Locker – in County Clare.

As far as my shapes and surfboards go, I've always built my boards to get up as much speed as possible. I believe that if you're going as fast as you can, you can do whatever your heart desires on a wave. Early entry into waves and the proper paddle power to suit each surfer is a big thing for me because if you're not catching waves you're not having fun!


I went to an egg after my longboard, I absolutely love it!

Dublin, Ireland Ben D

Have a custom fish from Luke with glassed in Irish birch fins, it's a timepiece.

John, Galway

If you like longboarding then try Luke's new Slider, it's a beauty.

Aofie, Cork

Irish Made

All our surfboards are designed, shaped and built in Ennistymon, County Clare, Ireland.